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10-Year Milestones Achieved for Key Primary & Supplementary IOLs. 2017 in Review

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18 January, 2018. Worthing, United Kingdom. Over the course of 2017, Rayner marked the 10-year anniversary for receiving CE approval for the following IOLs:

  • Sulcoflex Aspheric
  • C-flex Aspheric
  • Superflex Aspheric
  • M-flex T Multifocal Toric

Keeping it simple: The New Rayner Website Experience

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For those of you who have visited the Rayner website over the last few days, you will have noticed we’re now offering a very different online experience; one that we believe is clearer and more user-friendly.

It’s all about navigation
Here are some of the changes we’ve made:

Rayner Strengthens Commitment to US Market With Subsidiary Rayner Surgical Inc.

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With a large part of 2016 and 2017 focused on European expansion, Rayner announced today its investment into the US market with the establishment of a dedicated subsidiary, ‘Rayner Surgical Inc.’
Based out of New York, Rayner Surgical Inc. will provide US specific marketing, regulatory, commercial and research functions to Rayner.
Rayner’s latest lens platform – the 600C – has just received FDA approval and will be launched in the USA during 2018 in both manual and preloaded formats.

Rayner Marks 10 Years of C-flex in the USA

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Rayner will mark an important milestone next month: the 10-year anniversary of US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of C-flex 570C monofocal Intraocular Lens (IOL) for commercial use in the United States of America. 

Phoenix Equity Partners announces investment in Rayner Surgical Group

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Phoenix Equity Partners ("Phoenix"), a leading UK middle-market private equity firm, today announces an investment in Rayner Surgical Group (“Rayner” or “the Company”) alongside the current management team, led by CEO Tim Clover, and a number of the Company’s existing shareholders. 

Rayner Continues Growth in 2017 with Direct Presence in Portugal

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Following on from their European expansion in 2016 -- direct entry into the Italian cataract market and direct entry into the Spanish cataract market -- Rayner is pleased to announce its direct entry into the Portuguese cataract market.

The entire Rayner IOL & injector portfolio, previously available through a network of distributors, will now be available through Rayner Surgical S.L. (Portugal).

Making Learning Easier for Our Global Surgeon: The Launch of Rayner.com/IT

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Italian-speaking surgeons can now find a solution to their needs more efficiently and with greater ease thanks to the launch of an Italian translation of our global website www.rayner.com.

The new website also coincides with the upcoming SOI meeting in Rome, Italy (23-26 November), where Dr. Simonetta Morselli and Dr. Piero Ceruti will be performing live surgery using RayOne; the new, fully preloaded IOL injection system from Rayner.

“Customer Service: It’s Not Just a Department, It’s a Company Attitude” anon

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To mark the recent Annual National Customer Service Week Event, Rayner Employees were given the opportunity to shadow a member of the 9-strong international Customer Service team for an afternoon. This provided an ideal setting to foster internal feedback whilst also getting staff in non-customer-facing departments to think about their own role in a customer’s journey with Rayner.

Here is what our customer service team has achieved since the 2015 National Customer Service Week:

Rayner Acquires Moorfields Pharmaceuticals

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Rayner announced today that it has acquired Moorfields Pharmaceuticals.

The acquisition closed September 30, 2016.

Rayner Continues Growth in Europe Part 3: Direct Presence in Spain

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Rayner is pleased to announce its direct entry into the Spanish cataract market.

The entire Rayner IOL & injector portfolio, available in Spain for the last 20 years via our independent distributor Rayner Iberica SA., is now available through our wholly owned subsidiary, Rayner Surgical S.L.

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