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Rayner Set to Launch 600C Monofocal Aspheric IOL in America at ASCRS

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Rayner set to launch 600C monofocal aspheric IOL at ASCRS

Rayner has announced the launch of the 600C Aspheric IOL. The 600C Aspheric IOL will be unveiled at the upcoming 2018 ASCRS conference in Washington, DC, 13-17 April, and product availability will begin following the conference.

Built on the clinically-proven Rayner Primary IOL Platform, the 600C Aspheric is a hydrophilic acrylic aspheric monofocal IOL with Rayner’s Amon-Apple 360° Enhanced Square Edge. Soon to be available in the USA, Rayner’s global 6.0 mm lens design offers surgeons a sub-2.2 mm incision IOL for minimal wound damage and surgically-induced astigmatism (SIA), whilst retaining the optical performance of its predecessor, the Rayner C-flex.


The Rayner 600C Aspheric lens is also aberration neutral, allowing patients to benefit from the natural residual positive aberration of the cornea. 600C Aspheric is available across the full power range (+8.0 D to +34.0 D).

New Product Demonstrations, Launches and Presentations at the 2017 ESCRS in Lisbon

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Rayner announced today it’s schedule of events and opportunities for surgeons during the upcoming ESCRS Congress, on the Rayner booth #P207 (Pavilion 2), which includes the launch of the RayOne Trifocal IOL and a preview of the RayOne Hydrophobic IOL.

Warren Hill Presents the 2016 Rayner Medal Lecture: 'Improving Intraocular Lens Power Calculations'

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The honour of presenting the 2016 Rayner Medal Lecture was awarded to Dr Warren Hill and as UKISCRS Secretary Satish Srinivasan explains, “UKISCRS was delighted to invite Dr. Warren Hill from Mesa, Arizona, USA to present the prestigious Rayner Medal Lecture at the 40th Annual congress of the UKISCRS in London on the 21st of October 2016.
Dr. Hill is a well-recognised name in the field of intraocular lens power calculations and has made a tremendous contribution in this field. He has been instrumental in developing the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery online calculator for calculating IOL power in eyes with prior refractive surgery and the development of the new and exciting Hill - RBF formula for IOL power calculation based on artificial intelligence.

“Customer Service: It’s Not Just a Department, It’s a Company Attitude” anon

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To mark the recent Annual National Customer Service Week Event, Rayner Employees were given the opportunity to shadow a member of the 9-strong international Customer Service team for an afternoon. This provided an ideal setting to foster internal feedback whilst also getting staff in non-customer-facing departments to think about their own role in a customer’s journey with Rayner.

Here is what our customer service team has achieved since the 2015 National Customer Service Week:

The Global Launch of RayOne®: Over 320 Surgeons Participate in Product Demonstrations

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The new-look Rayner booth -- designed specifically with RayOne® demos in mind -- was inundated with traffic. Surgeons clamored to experience the highly anticipated, fully preloaded IOL injection system at the recent XXXIV Congress of European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons in Copenhagen. 

At times the booth was so busy that Rayner CEO, Tim Clover, assisted with demos as surgeon demand outstripped the supply of Rayner staff.


Commitment to Education Continues with The XVI Rayner Forum

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Hosted by Professor Oliver Findl, from the Hanusch Hospital in Vienna, the XVI Rayner Forum centred around a theme of “Innovations and Controversies in Ophthalmology”.

The CPD point-accredited event boasted a full scientific program not only about IOLs, but also the latest innovations and controversies in retina, glaucoma and cornea areas of specialty which made for lively debate and knowledge-sharing around both conventional challenges and novel techniques & products.

Video: Rayner’s Recently Acquired Ophteis OVD Range and What This Means for Cataract Surgery

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Professor Steve Arshinoff discusses the importance of viscoelastic in cataract surgery at Rayner's Ophteis Acquisition event at the 2015 ESCRS in Barcelona.

Also included in the video, Rayner CEO Tim Clover and Professor Steve Arshinoff welcome guests and briefly introduce Ophteis to the Rayner family before commencing the cutting of a celebratory cake.

Rayner Announces an Impressive Panel for Upcoming 2015 ESCRS Symposium

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Professor Rudy Nuijts, Professor Mats Lundstrӧm, Professor James Wolffsohn, Professor Michael Amon, Mr Allon Barsam and Dr Tiago Ferreira will complete the panel of presenters who make up the symposium ‘Refractive Surprise; The Big Taboo’, an education program sponsored by Rayner in conjunction with Eurotimes at the XXXIII Congress of ESCRS, 5-8 September in Barcelona. 

Key Opinion Leaders in Ophthalmology Contribute to Another Successful Rayner-Forum

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Professor Herbert Reitsamer, Professor Fritz Hengerer, Professor Stephan Kaminski and Professor Hans Hoerauf were some of the surgeons who contributed to the recent 2015 Rayner-Forum in Berlin.

65 surgeons from Germany and Austria travelled to Berlin for a weekend of education, sharing ideas and best practice.

Rayner 'Changes the Game' at the 2014 ESCRS Congress

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ESCRS President Prof Bellucci, Amon, Osher, Alio, Arshinoff, Guell and Mrukwa- Kominek are just a few of the surgeons who ‘hopped on board’ Rayner’s double-decker bus at the XXIII ESCRS, to rediscover the rich history behind Harold Ridley and his invention that revolutionised ophthalmology.

With the 2014 ESCRS Congress being held in Rayner’s home country it was the perfect opportunity to do something special. Having manufactured the world’s first IOL in 1949

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